Monday, October 20, 2008

Samsonite, Carry on Then!

Earlier this year when I made a zingy trip out to southern Florida to see my best boo Tenya, I found this vintage bangin' Samsonite carry on and about shat meeself. We were aimlessly wandering around South Beach and stumbled into a store aptly called Fly Boutique. The store was like one big beautiful attic stuffed silly with all kinds of kick ass vintage fashion. I felt drunk with fashion. Rachel Zoe would have gone bezerky in there. Parades of models pass through/live in South Beach making pleibians like myself feel haute while feasting on all of the couture castoffs. Jesus, I tried on a pair of gorgeous Prada heels-too uncomfortable, almost bought em anyway since they were so inexpensive!
Then, like a beam of light shining down from the milky way, I spotted this hot piece of ass.
Priced at $89.00, how could I say no? It locks, it has pockets, it has a little side-car pouch that my extensive Sharpie pen collection calls home sweet everloving colorful home. It's a vintage print from the 1960's that Samsonite brought back and added to their fine fine current collection. My score is in fact the real deal from the swinging 60's. How shagadelic! SCHWING! Now I just need a glitzed out shaguar, baby.

In a stunning turn of coincidence, I already had a cute as hell Samsonite briefcase lined with the floral fashionaire print.

Optical orgasm.

Look at the laquer handle!

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