Monday, October 20, 2008


I've seen em too. Those well prepped travellers schlepping well meaning horseshoe shaped husk filled pillows all over the place. I stare longingly knowing my neck won't stand up to a longer than 2 hour flight all hunched and bunched. Still I refused to buy one because I don't need another bulky thing all up in my grill. Ah ha! This sweet funky shaped (like a curvey banana) nugget of a pillow is pretty nifty.
It rolls up super duper compact and stowes easily just about anywhere except where the sun doesn't shine. On a recent flight to the Riviera Maya, I gave it a skeptical shot. I downed my drink, unfurled the Ultimate Travel Pillow, blew it up in 3 breaths and voila! I slept like a well fed baby. I highly highly highly, did I mention HIGHLY recommend it. No more stiff mangled necks here! Oh, mines red.

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