Saturday, April 25, 2009

Scarlets Walkabout.

I landed my happy self in Sedona Arizona last week for some down home shenanigans with my bestest best friend Tenya. She's all sorts of wonderful and super easy to travel with. This one here doesn't like being on ANY schedules or part of sightseeing groups or anything resembling order. I prefer to go where the wind blows and play things as they come. Tenya is the same so it makes travelling with each other perfect! I've been to Sedona several times and always have curiously good times there.

I had the serious pleasure of staying at two beautiful, albeit, different resorts. The Sedona Rouge-which is located in the center of town and The Enchantment Resort-which is located in a heavenly spot called Boyton Canyon (rumored to be a hotspot for UFO activity). Beam me up E.T.

See the colors changing at sunset.

We hiked up Bell Rock-we were waaaay up there. Wind was whizzing all around us! HELLOOO!

We are high.

Room with a view.

Lizard rock watching us......ssssspooky.

Blue headed feathered sap sucker??

Twisty tree vista.

Spires, Boyton Canyon.

Looks purty.

Sunset self portrait.

Calamity Jane.

Looking up while sitting on a ledge.


Patron Silver.

I love me some logos on sides of things.

Headed home.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

All Kinds of Chicanery

Yes, it really was delicious. Scrumptious, tasty, savory, drool-inducing, foot stomping good. Hiked to Mt.Palomar Winery. The hike back walks it off. How very.



My friends cool blue shoes. I like. You like?