Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bloomin in June

Time just keeps marching on now doesn't it. Seems like just yesterday it was May 11th and now all of the sudden like a trip through a worm-hole it is June 18th. Hmmph. Guess I better not let time slip by without keeping my dreams in tip top motion. This way and thataway.

Pink plate special today. Me n flowers been talking lately and makin friends and plans.

These cute dandelions reminded me of my two babes. La lions also reminded me of me n Tenya and Glenn and Ken, the Twin Towers, twins in general, lamp posts, lollipops, seed flurries, my childhood racing along the lawn full of hope and careening with laughter, parallel moons. Allergies, not so much.

Butternut squash, sunset over the Pacific, lemon merangue cake, jellybeans and nectarines.

Inside of a stargazer lily, interdimensional portals, Talula's cheeks, blushing when I see something naughty, magic worlds.

Elongated partially submerged underdeveloped watermelon, bursting, cocoon, artichokes, courage, space pod.

Happy Birthday! My lotus candleholder, welcome, self realization, diving boards, willingness, bliss, water sprites, sweet.

She's the backyard mermaid welcoming committee. She also keeps watch on the the nectarines, tomatoes and peppers.

Paintbrushes dipped in pink paint, nubbins, starkist, breezy trees, trust, jungle trek, celebration.

Wow! Hi! Happy! Pop! Here I am! Reaching!

Now go make friends with flowers!