Sunday, October 26, 2008

Globular Art (Cool Globes)

Whilst at Balboa Park in San Diego the other day, I became enthralled with the display of colorful globes dotting the parkscape. The round art pieces present a wide righteous array of topics and purpose. Unique ways to bring important attention to global warming and it's horrendous dastardly effects on the enviroment and then some.

La message of this powerful visual installment is "We can solve the problem. We can stop global warming if we inspire government, corporate and community leaders to lead the way..."

Go see this if you get a chance! They will be on display at San Diego's beguiling Balboa Park until the end of November. Then roundies are taking a road trip to other locales.

One of my favorites! A hard task indeed to choose one favorite. Not possible, but the sunflowers, butterflies and farming edge warmed my whole heart.

Sweet! Keep it local. Support your local farmers!

This is another one of the best (in my screwy opine). Made of recycled plastics, metals and cell phones. Made me think about how lamely superglued to my celly I am. The light is flashing red! The light is flashing red! Quick check to see who what when where and why!
Seemed to be the crowd favorite. Check out how blue the sky is! I don't use adobe photoshop or any programs to adjust/alter my photos...really blue-y blue.

Globes in a row. Not in a roe.

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