Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blue Lagoon.

Meet Alberto. He's a true Mayan living near Tulum and spoke his native Mayan language to us as we toodled down the road on our way to Muyil. Incredible! His grandfather was a shaman who lived into his hundreds. Living in tune with earth and all her healing healthy gifts. Never even went to a doctor. Gifts a' plenty in the natural realm. I think we all need to get back to more of that magic! This particular branch of the journey took us to Sian Kaan Biosphere. I have always had in intense interest in Mayan bookshelves are stuffed with books on the subject. And since we are coming upon the date of all dates December 12, 2012 my need to know more is at all time highs.
If you ever go to The Riviera Maya, this adventure is an absolute MUST. Mayan temples, jungle hike, learning about Mayan culture and myths, fresh lagoon, waterways that the Mayan people used as trade routes (more on that later)...amazing experience. I will go back.

Midway through our jungle trek, we came upon this rickety wooden high-ass perch. The ladders going up were narrow and even though I am not afraid of heights, hummingbirds buzzed in my belly. Once to the tippy-top the breeze blew sweet kissy breezes and cooled me down. It's allmighty hot and humid in the juicy jungle! Climbing down made my knees weak. WEAK!

Here is the lagoon. Glorious in all it's crystalline blue wonder.
**Note: the absolute funniest/grossest/wierdest/hilarity ensued on this particular boat ride. I don't think I've laughed that hard in at least 5 years. So glad Glenn from Florida was next to me. Someday I'll share what happened. Someday. It is legendary. We will call it the Heinous toothy pookeeatchy event 2008.

Headed out to the Carribean Sea. The water is extremely salty there. Warm and salty. We swam for about thirty minutes in the ocean before making our way back to the lagoon. Stunning.
There were about 12 of us. We bobbed up and down in the surf laughing like children the entire time. It was tremendously divine and wonderful.

Dive in.

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