Saturday, May 2, 2009

Yes Yes and YES!

Through all of my travels I have narrowed down the packing process to a finely tuned science that makes my mama proud! Even on my tripalicous journey to Seattle (where it was CCCCOLD) I managed to make it work with a mere carry on. A cute green carry on, but a carry on nonetheless.

Most places I stay have awesome bath products. Le Occitane, Aveda and the like pepper the bathrooms with scents of rosemary, citrus, lavender, geranium and such. However, once in a blue moon the products are sucky. Too perfumy, drying or whatever. I always bring my Malin and Goetz travel kit with me. Yummity yum. Perfect. Smells good. Feels good. Easy to pack. Comes in a clear travel case. Everything a girl needs (guys too). I paid $30 at my local apothecary-- money well spent I say.

Oh and for good measure, this here foaming face mask is to die for! I am a true blue loyalist to Dermalogica products, but this scrumptious face potion is wonderful. Not too pricey either.

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