Sunday, May 10, 2009


Like Gretel and Gretel, my dear friend Vanessa (Funessa) and I went out for a hike last weekend. About 15 minutes up the road from where I reside is a nature reserve called The Santa Rosa Plateau. The sprawling lands are filled with oak trees and sages and grassy meadows and poppy's and coyote crap and snakes and hawks and scorpions and meandering paths and tender breezes. Beauty as far as the twinkling eyes can see.

Peering up through the tree tops.

Twisty and jovial! Come'ere and give me a hug.

If I had worn pants (note to self for next time) I would have climbed this tree in a hot second.

I was certain I saw flashes of faires and gnomes.

Dusty stairs.

Cross the threshold. Hold on.

Sunlight love.

Poppy carpets.

See that cute little bee! In fact as we were making our way along the path a huge swarm of bees flew right towards us and we had to duck to avoid getting caught in their buzzy cloud.

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