Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lord Tennis-on.

Something about hitting the everloving crap out of a small yellow fuzzy ball makes me feel fantastic. Elated to the moon really. Round these parts the BNP Paribas tennis tournament commenced this week. I went on Monday to watch the qualifying rounds and to watch top players practice. The ferocious velocity with which the pros smash the ball is wacky.

Super accurate, super duper speedy, insane fitness and ripped all to hell.

Jelena Jankovic. All the boys were drooling. She is pretty tall and pretty pritty.

Gettin served.

Indian Wells Tennis Garden. Gorgeous.

Chilean player.


Mauresmo...see her face? She is a BAD ASS!

Shirtless wonder.

I am surprised the rackets don't snap.

All shirtless, everywhere I looked.

Great match. This girl put up gnarly fight.

This one was LOUD!


Not sure about those black socks.

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