Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's A Big One Out There!

I agree. I concur. Everyone should see the world. Especially when happily prompted by a buttony butterfly. This sweety lovely perfect luggage tag was given to me by a dear friend. She always buys me terribly cute things. I have never had a luggage tag beyond that ticker tape boring nonsense the airlines dole out.
There i'd be standing with all the other anxious people at the luggage carousel waiting for my gnarly bulbous Samsonite hardcover suitcase (which weighs a helluva lot without all my crap in it). Should've seen Vicky (short for Victor) Green Eyes cussing it out while shoving it into the towncar in New York. That was a frightfully funny sight. Nothing like a mobster fighting with my obnoxious suitcase to get the journey going.
Alas! I have whittled down the packing process to a brilliant science and can get by with a perky carry-on.

I had to add another picture. Just so! Nice leather strap.

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