Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy In Hawaii

As Tenya and I sat in the ONLY ROW ON THE PLANE without a window, we cursed ourselves for not paying an extra $150 to upgrade to first class. I mean pure toothpick in the eye torture sitting on a Hawaii bound plane with absolutely no window. I always sit by a window, I have to sit by a window. I love window peeking! So, we ordered double vodka/sprites and dealt with it. And we dealt with it all right.

My good friend Jennifer (Juniper) won two roundtrip airfare tickets to Hawaii and couldn't use them. Guess what? She oh so generously gave them to me! My sweet love Roz has a house on the stunning ocean in Hawaii very close to the North Shore of Oahu. I called Tenya and invited her, she flew out from Florida and off we flew into the big blue.

We strolled along the shoreline and daydreamed and plotted and planned about becoming travel writers/photographers. Her husband is in the film industry so she's set up with the bonkers camera and I love to write and write and lord have mercy, write! Thirty minutes later we were speeding up the road and my phone rang....It was a magazine calling me to straighten out an ad snafu. They loved my writing and asked if I would write a story about my trips to Mexico. Fucking a right I would love to. I eagerly mentioned I was in Hawaii and would love to write a story on Hawaii too......and that my dear friends is how I stumbled into travel writing. Talk about instant manifestation. Hee heee.

Tenya in the morning. We had a spooky incident happen while we were there. Ssscary.

Sun reaching through tantalizing cloud cracks. I just want to roll around on the sand and play! Turtles pop their cute little walnut-y heads up and have a looksee. I see you turtle, yes I do.

The waves were kicking when we were there making the Billabong Pro Surf Contest a full blown terrifying amazing good time. I have surfed (on a 10 foot longboard) in San Diego on ankle slapper wave days and managed to get up and kinda get the hang of it. It's hard. I have also been pummeled and tumbled in a nasty big set in Mexico-I was absolutely certain I was knock knock knockin' on heavens door. So, to see these guys take off on 15-20 foot waves in shallow water and make it look like butter was mind baffling/boggling. Hats off to them.
We literally sat there with our jaws hanging open. Cute brave surfers + twinkling blue warm water + blazing sunshine + nothing but time = Bliss.

Roz's front yard.

Morning sunshine-y yumminess. We hiked back in those mountains. It was delirious.


Nautical scenery.

Thank you window. Headed home.

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