Sunday, December 21, 2008

Take To The Sky.

I am feeling rather luckity lucky to be invited to hop on a heated globe to take to the sky twice in the last few weeks. Fox 5 out of San Diego was suppose to film the globular event this morning, but did not show....My friends and owners of Sunrise Balloons arranged for an extra balloon to make it nice nice...oh well. We had a blast without blasting totally off. I rode with a pilot new to me and fought off disaster-ish thoughts and the idea of a flock of knife beaked birds slamming into the balloon. Oh yea. Let that picture roll around in your head. Go for it.

The morning was Antarctic cold and absolutely breathtaking. The light was full and bright with glowing energy embers floating through.

Meet Adam and Travis-they own Sunrider Jeep Tours. It was Travis' first time going up. He didn't seem too nervous.

Spotter truck. Pretty Battle Ass.

Rhonda and Marty. Marty (coincidentally) was a client of mine back when I owned my import business. Smally world. He's a chef.

Hi Feliciano. He helps make sure we make it up and that the balloon doesn't skip all over the place when we land. He also follows along on the ground keeping track of the balloon as it rises and falls this way and that.

Observer observing the pre flight prep spectacle. A spectacle indeed.

See what I mean about the light!

We were still on the ground watching Dan G's rainbow bubble float up.

Love the pattern the groves make. Our shadow.

Little lower, please.


Handle this.

Test my tethers.

Precise landing. Phew. Pilot warned us it my be a sharp one. Thankfully not.

Gizmo' gadgets and gauges. Mechanical magic.

Look how that orb rolls up! Ready set....GO!

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