Saturday, November 8, 2008

Laughingly Travelling

Friends, along my travels I often come upon hilarity and such. Much. Here is a witty piece of art whipped up by the oh so talented (and hilarious) artist known as 14 over at Gallery of the Absurd. This my friends is known as:

Cover Your Ears, It's the Elisabeth Hasselbeck Screech Owl

"It is a bleached-blonde Owl that sits erect and is always prepared to tearfully defend its territory should any creature attack the Bush Administration or theistic evolution, or question the Iraq War. The Screech Owl’s feathers are easily ruffled; however, recent field reports indicate the Owl is capable of graciously cooing, rather than screeching, at the most unexpected times. This is the first time the Owl has been known to eat post-election crow."
You laughing?

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