Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Following Bliss...Blissfully. Most o' the Time.

So, friends, this is how my life rolls along. Here in fact is a perfect persnickity example of winds blowing me to new adventures. Last Sunday when I ditched out early on housework (where are the house elves to hook it up?) I nestled in on the couch and watched 4 movies. Yup. Four.
One of them was the scrumptious lovely flick P.S. I Love You. I know it was a book first, but I never read it. Oh my. What a fantastic movie! I loved it. P.S. I Loved It! Hilary Swank is so totally cute. Gerard Butler is a fine looking hot piece of ass specimen.
Anyway the story touched me deeply as I have experienced devastating loss and I related to her journey and heartache. Kinship is a word thats bubbling to mind.
So, besides the fact that her wardrobe is ridiculously chic (the green dress, where do I find that?) part of the movie is filmed in Ireland. Oh, mee jolly Ireland. I fell in love with Ireland (well, the cinematography of Ireland) and decided as I watched the movie a second time as soon as I finished it the first time, that my next big foreign travel writing assignment will take me to Ireland. Period. I started researching and I hope to be on an Ireland bound plane before April of next year.

Thanks Hilary. Merci Gerard. All hail the cinematographer.

How cute is her jacket! Look at the flower pin. The hat, too.
Hat! Buckle. Black trench. Hmmm, Gerard?

Mapping it.


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