Friday, October 24, 2008

Double Dog Dare'd Me.

A few years ago I fell in love with a group of magical little ancient muses known as 'pottery shards'. I sat at a table 8500 feet up at an artist retreat in New Mexico and watched as my friend Swazo dumped out a box of Anasazi pottery shards in front of us. He had just returned from a trip to Colorado where he aquired these intriguing little buggers. All different shapes, colors (mainly muted earthy tones) with distinct black markings on them. Some were big and bold, others were small and simple. All beautiful. I grabbed my sharpie and started drawing the shapes of the shards and arranging them in different scapes. Trees, mountains, boats, oceans, houses...all composed of the shard shapes in front of me. Then, something started pushing through. Things buzzed and unfolded at the tip of my pens. Goddesses started to appear. Colorful ones. Loud ones. Scared ones. Singing ones. Fat and skinny ones. They all held distinct personalities and purr'd out of my pens.

I'd like to introduce you to three of them. These gals are friendly, they don't judge, they joyfully bring gifts from the otherside and from ancient times past.

They are pleased to make your aquaintance.

She's singing and dancin'.

Sunny earthy cosmo goddess.

Billie Holiday/Aretha goddess.

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